TIMBY (This is my backyard) - Founder

Click to connect to the TIMBY website.

Click to connect to the TIMBY website.

TIMBY (This is My Backyard) is a suite of interconnected digital tools that help teams tackle complex problems with speed and security.

The Premise

Our world is rife with slow-burn issues – climate change, corruption – that periodically flare up into disaster, war and revolution. But how do we better understand the build-up & aftermath of these moments? How do we take on environmental, governance, social and health issues before they explode?

The Reach

TIMBY is now available in 10 languages and has projects in over 25-countries around the world.

TIMBY is being used for everything from: 

  • International legal coalitions
  • Monitoring and evaluation of aid
  • Monitoring of corporate social responsibility/ supply-chain
  • Collaborative/ Investigative journalism
  • Community -led monitoring



The encrypted mobile application helps groups collect geo-referenced audio, video, photographs and other structured and unstructured data.  You can download the app from the Google Play Store (for android only right now; please ask us to set you up with a username and password so you can access the test sever).


THE Dashboard


The web-based dashboard helps groups verify reports and discover the links between issues, people and companies through time.

You can view and search reports in “List” or “Map” view, to find the story in the data. The Map view incorporates high resolution imagery and various other base maps from global repositories.




Stories are how we share information, so tools to easily pull the stories from the data are crucial when dealing with large amounts of data in long-term reporting projects. Users can easily drag and drop verified reports into the tool to write stories, blogs and press releases, with quick turnaround time. The stories can be sent by mailing list, directly to legislators or displayed on a website. Within each investigative story, you can click and download all the original evidence (photos, videos, documents), for easy sharing and maximum impact.