JUST A BAND (production) - WRiter/Director/Producer


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Just A Band is a fractionally-fictional film about an Afro-electric-pop group that wants to go to Space.

The film (in production) is supported by Cinereach, the Hot Docs Blue Ice Group, Worldview and the Britdoc Puma Catalyst Award.

The feature-length film is co-directed by Wanuri Kahiu. Morgan Neville is the project's Executive Producer.

évasion/ Escape (2018) - writer/director


Jean, a Montreal-based DJ, buys a fixed-gear bike on a whim and attempts to cycle across Canada and to the Arctic in the winter. 17,000 km later, as Jean pushes into the Arctic in -30C temperatures and 30km/hr winds, things start fall apart. His journey -- both bleak and beautiful -- is a meditation on expectation, failure and finding the drive to keep going.

The film, produced by MEC  and shot over 4 days in the Arctic and Montreal, is currently in festivals worldwide but will be online by mid-2018.

  • Vues D'Afriques - Best Indie Film (Regards d'Ici) 
  • Best Documentary Short Barcelona Planet Film Festival
  • Sheffield Mountain Film Festival - Bronze
  • Rocky Spirit Festival, São Paulo - Audience Award

SILAS (2017 -TIFF) - Writer/Director/Producer

Liberian activist, Silas Siakor is a tireless crusader, fighting to crush corruption and environmental destruction in the country he loves.

Through the focus on one country, Silas is a global tale that warns of the power of politics and celebrates the power of individuals to fight back. One man's battle gains momentum and emboldens communities to raise their fists and smartphones, seize control of their lands and protect their environment. It is a new generation of resistance. 

Silas premiered at TIFF in 2017 and has since screened at almost 100 festivals around the world. Some of the prizes it has won are mentioned below:

  • African Movie Academy Awards (2018) - Best Documentary Feature (nominee)
  • Science Media Awards (2018) - Special Jury Mention
  • Beautiful Swimmers Award (2018), DCEFF
  • Cinema For Peace Award (2018) - For Justice (nominee)
  • Durban International Film Festival (2018) - Amnesty International Human Rights Award
  • One World Media Award (2018) - Best Feature Documentary (nominee)
  • RiverRun International Film Festival (2018) - Audience Award
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival (2018) - Best Documentary 
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival (2018) - Best International Film

GUN runners (2016 - hot docs) - Writer/Director

Gun Runners is the story of two warriors from Northern Kenya who trade in their AK-47s for running shoes and the Kenyan dream of marathon-running. The story follows the men over eight years leading up to the starting line of the New York City Marathon.

The feature-length documentary film premiered at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto in May 2016 to sold-out crowds. You can view the trailer of the film above and download information and the press pack for the film here. You can check the events page for screenings in your area.

  • Canadian Screen Awards (2017) - Nominated for Cinematography
  • Director's Guild of Canada (2017) - Nominated for Best Documentary Film
  • Bud Greenspan Film Award (2017)


UNICEF SOUTH SUDAN(2016) - Writer/Director

"I actually stopped believing that I'd ever go home and be reunited." Nyaneada, 10, is one of over 3,800 children reunited with their families since the conflict in South Sudan broke out. She and her siblings hadn't seen their parents in nearly two years.

This is a series of five short films for UNICEF South Sudan. This film (to the right) followed 18 children, who were separated from their parents during the outbreak of war in South Sudan, as they were reunited with their families. The situation was so incredibly powerful, I admit to having used a fixed focal length to film -- I was crying so much, I couldn't see through my viewfinder. The film got nearly half a million views on Facebook within a month.

For more on UNICEF, please check out their website.

KENYA RISING (2012) - WRiter/Director

Kenya Rising is a profile of Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi for the Al Jazeera strand, Activate. The film follows Mwangi over the course of several months as he uses art-based approaches to address corruption and impunity in the country.

At the time (because of security issues), I used a pseudonym to publish the film.



HEART OF IRON (2012) - Camera/Sound/Writer


Heart of Iron is a short which at the core asks the question: how can you ensure benefits from extractive industries reach the stewards of the land? Filmed in the TRIDOM area of Gabon and Cameroon, the film was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund and presented to a number of high level meetings. The film was screened at DC's Environmental Film Festival.